Make pussy grabbing great again...

​I love beautiful women.

So gorgeous. So lovely. I just want to kiss them. 

And grab 'em by the pussy. 

And they're okay with it! Seriously. Believe me. Women love me. Seriously.


Hold on: The Donald is actually a real move!

It's really similar to The G-Spot Tug but it's more dominant and less stimulating...

So instead of a smooth looping motion, you're giving her intense, stop-and-start pumps.

Just don't tell your girl you're "giving her The Donald" unless you're in the mood for a divorce.

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    How To

How To:

  • Insert a finger (or two) about two knuckles deep into her vagina with the pad of your finger pointed towards her front.
  • Flex and feel around for a spot where you have good, deep leverage over a large area of flesh.
  • Flex your finger strongly as if you're making a fist.
  • Think about America, freedom, and spray tans.
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    Top Tips



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    Demo On A Girl!

Close-Up Demo On A Girl!

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