Squirt Hand

She'll always remember her first Squirting Orgasm...

Squirting for a girl can be as deeply satisfying as ejaculating for a guy...

And the weird thing is that most girls haven't experienced it... yet!

WARNING: Unlike these other hand motions, if you try to make your girl squirt and get one little thing wrong, you will HURT her. Which means you need to get it right the first time...

So I created the online course 
6 Step Squirting to help you become your girl's best-ever lover once and for all.

Because you want to know every piece of the puzzle like:

- The Squirt Spot...

- The Squirting Rollercoaster...

- The Top Squirting Positions...

- And how to make sure you NEVER hurt your girl... 

And that's more than I can explain to you on this page so check out 6 Step Squirting for the full, step-by-step guide.

OK, now that we've covered why you shouldn't use your girl as a guinea pig, here are the basics:

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    How To

How To:

  • Insert your middle and ring fingers about two knuckles deep into her vagina near her G-Spot on the Squirt Spot.
  • Explosively and rapidly pull up.
  • Flex your inserted fingers while pulling for extra stimulation.
  • If she doesn't squirt within 10 seconds, stop because you're probably causing her pain.
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    Top Tips



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    Demo On A Girl!

Close-Up Demo On A Girl:

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