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Video Editor

Are you looking for a stable, part-time, remote editing job?

If you are, I'm hiring an editor for my weekly, 250+ million view show! 

So I recorded this video to walk you through:

➜ What is Hunk Hands Weekly?

➜ Where the show's going...

➜ The Editing Style (+Examples)

Watch now for the full details! (includes mild nudity starting at 0:50)

Job Description

• Edit episodes within 10 days (turnaround time will be more relaxed than I laid out in the video above)
• Update the edit live during a weekly review session
• Export the final edit at multiple file sizes

• Create thumbnails

You will NOT need to:
• Edit the vlog
• Publish episodes

Each episode's raw footage is currently ~250GB, uses 5 cameras, and runs ~2 hours. We use Premiere Pro and After Effects for editing, Dropbox for syncing, Hubstaff for time tracking, Slack for chat, and Pop for video conferencing.  

Each episode will take you ~15-20 hours total. Payroll is weekly and salary is hourly based on your fit for the role.

I'm open to hiring a single editor for every episode or two editors who will alternate episodes. 



• Never misses a deadline

• Very detail-oriented

• Honest and straightforward

• Hard worker

• Positive attitude and communication style

• Looking for a long-term role


• Expert in Premiere Pro

• Fluent in English (with an ear for non-native accents)

• Good in After Effects

• Good in Photoshop

• Good at color correction

• Good at clean graphic design


• 32GB RAM

• CPU & GPU top-of-the-line within the last 3 years

• 40 Mbps upload and download speed

• sRGB 99% screen

How To Apply

If this page was shared with you by a friend...

Then I need to vet your editing work first. So please WhatsApp me: your editing reel, 3 videos which you edited completely by yourself, and your detailed computer specs.

If I personally shared this page with you...

Then your work has already been vetted and you're invited to complete my paid editing trial. You'll have 48 hours to complete the trial and you'll be paid $15/hour for up to 8 hours. The next steps are:

1. Click-to-sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement 

2. Send me a WhatsApp message saying you've signed the NDA

3. I'll reply with a link to the trial footage and instructions

4. Submit your edit within 48 hours to be considered and paid

5. If your edit rocks, I'll message you to schedule an interview!

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on WhatsApp.

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