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Experience A Squirting Orgasm, Without Having To Bone Half Of Tinder

Give me 90 minutes and I'll expand your orgasmic potential with zero judgment...

Because over 400 women have trusted me to help them experience more sexual pleasure and less toxic shame. And I have now opened up limited spots for ladies in ​select cities only...

Here are a few things past clients have to say...

Best Massage EVER...

I started receiving yoni massage in the UK for my chemotherapy pain (I know it's weird but it works). I just moved back to SG so I tried Brian and the orgasms were double the intensity... and I squirted! 

Best massage EVER.

Debra W. 
Singaporean, 30s

Sorry For Crying!

I'm a very sexual person so I expected to meet "Hunk Hands", blow off some steam, then go party with my girls. Nope!

So many emotions came up that I cried after squirting - it was a deep emotional release. Plus I'd never squirted before so I was obviously shy... but Brian was so understanding, he just gave me a hug and we talked about it. Then after I squirted the second time I couldn't stop laughing :p

Needless to say I went straight home and had the best sleep in months!

Samantha C. 
British, 40s

FINALLY Had A Vaginal Orgasm!

I know  #firstworldproblem but my boyfriends were useless! So I googled "how to have a vaginal orgasm" and found Brian...

Let's just say my bucket list is a little shorter;)

Vanessa L. 
Singaporean, 20s

Here's A Quick Glimpse Of What Your Squirting Yoni Massage Will Look Like...

"Rent" My Hands For 90 Minutes And Walk Away Empowered...

Having a sensual massage is just the starting point. Within your Squirting Yoni Massage I'll help you grow in specific areas VERY few people know about, understand, or can support.

Some of them include...


Squirting is KEY to expanding your sex life. You'll experience a new type of release as powerful as a man ejaculating.

Vaginal Orgasms

Trouble having "The Big O"? I'll work with you to unlock your body's natural clitoral, vaginal, and full-body orgasms.

Pain Relief

Orgasms are your body's ancient remedy for acute and chronic pain... plus they're 100% free of side effects. 

Better Sleep

After your session, you'll discover that drugs aren't necessary to treat insomnia as you have a full, peaceful night's sleep. 

Emotional Healing

I'll help you really feel and connect with your sexual pleasure so you can begin to undo toxic shame and trauma.


Work and relationships will sooner or later drain your batteries. Listen to your body and allow yourself to recharge.

Here's What Other Ladies Are Saying...

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Thank you. Will find time for another session ;) Have a great week ahead!!

Thanks, it was a great session :) Hoping to see u soon

Last night was good! I like it :)

The massage is awesome. Never felt that kind of feeling before. I'm afraid that I might get addicted. U r the best at this.

Thanks for the good experience :) i really like everything

Above all things, thanks for your company today.

I'll give it 5 stars... this is what I call a true yoni massage! Thank you and at least now I know who I can call anytime I need good n relaxing massage...

Have a rest! Will find you soon ...

Thanks for last night! Was fun! Definitely be seeing you again sometime <3

I think I already miss your hands

Hi, thank you for a wonderful evening last night.

Thanks again she enjoyed it

Thank you for last night.

Thank you for providing such a good massage for her.

U were so good.. It's spectacular..

O it was awesome! Slept deeply without pills. Thank you

Here's What You'll Experience On The Day Of Your Massage...

This is not a pre-determined, static schedule that hampers creativity and stunts connection. Instead I try to keep a general timeline but let your session happen as it happens. This allows breakthroughs to occur.

However your Squirting Yoni Massage will look something like this...

Before You Arrive

Your comfort is my priority so I'll be busy setting up the luxurious hotel room in preparation for your arrival. There will be music, drinks, fresh linens, and my warm hand-mixed gold leaf massage oil.

Meet & Greet: 3:00pm - 3:45pm

First, I'll leave our room key in an envelope at the front desk.You can then proceed up to our hotel room so you have the chance to get to know me in a luxurious, discreet setting.

And to warm our conversation, I'll open a well-aged bottle of wine and toast to our afternoon together (so let me know if you prefer white or red)...

I'll also be curious to hear your emotional history, your goals, and any physical limitations... Because this will allow me to customize my massage to meet YOUR specific needs.

And you will be free to ask me any and all questions before we proceed to change into our towels...

Your 24 Karat Hand-Mixed Gold Oil

Your Massage: 3:45pm - 5:15pm

After you change and step out of the restroom, I'll also be wearing just a towel and I'll help you lie face down on the bed and get comfortable. After a quick wash of my hands I'll kneel to your left side and begin your massage.

I'll start by slowly kneading the warm gold leaf oil into your upper back, shoulders, neck, and lower back. Next, I'll massage your legs one by one then both legs together. And after loosening your towel, you'll feel my hands inch upwards and firmly relax the muscles of your ass... and by this time maybe 30 minutes will have gone by...

My hands will then glide closer and closer to your intimate areas as I build up and play with your sexual energy. You'll want me to go faster and harder but I'll pace the stimulation... so you'll be able to fully experience and savor every touch.

When you're more than ready I'll begin to delicately map your vagina... first just around your opening then I'll enter you deeper and deeper. I'll explore all your inner walls... and alternate it with firm, toe-curling pressure on your G-spot and clit.

And I'll bring you closer and closer to squirting before I take you over the edge again and again...

More Talk: 5:15pm - 6:00pm

Then we'll cleanup and talk... or talk and cleanup... And you'll probably want to give voice to how you felt and what you experienced and I'll hold space for you. 

Then it's goodbyes and best wishes...

And I'll block my schedule until 7:00pm for us in case we go longer.

Here's What You Need To Know About Your First Squirting Yoni Massage...




Experience What Everyone Is Talking About And Expand Your Sexual Horizons In Complete Safety And Comfort...

  • World-Class Yoni Massage With Brian "Hunk Hands" Crabtree
  • 24 Karat Gold Hand-Mixed Massage Oil
  • Luxury Hotel For Calm, Elegance, And Complete Discretion
  • Well-Aged Wine To Warm Our Conversation
  • No Rushing Because Your Comfort Is My Top Priority



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You Get Every Fully-Paid Perk PLUS:

  • Full Access To 6 Step Squirting For All My Squirting Orgasm Secrets ($197.00 Value)
  • How To Finger A Girl With HD Demos Of 30 Fingering Moves ($99.00 Value)
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And Here's My Promise To You...

You Love It... Or It's FREE!

I’m willing to let you test-drive your massage before deciding if it was right for you. Join me for conversation over an excellent wine. Have my full 90 minute massage. Enjoy the premium gold leaf oil. Use the 5-star hotel amenities...

And if you aren’t absolutely DELIGHTED with the experience, email me at brian@hunkhands.com within 30 days to have the entire fee immediately refunded. Period!

That's how confident I am your Squirting Yoni Massage will be a powerful, healing force in YOUR life. You have zero risk.

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