So she wants a vaginal orgasm...

Vaginal orgasms take a long time to build up...

And this is my favorite way to give sustained, deep G-Spot stimulation to unlock a vaginal orgasm...

Your thumb is the perfect tool for the job: strong, thicker than a finger, and just a little longer than the G-Spot is deep.

Thumbing is also a dominant move because you're stimulating the girl from behind. Use it in the Doggy Style position for extra dominance.

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    How To

How To:

  • Position your girl so her ass is exposed (ex: on her belly, doggy style, on her side).
  • Insert your thumb into her vagina with the pad of your thumb pointed towards her front.
  • Flex and feel around for a fleshy area of the G-Spot.
  • Make your hand rigid and move it in and out of the vagina. Apply force to the G-Spot on the push.
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    Top Tips



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    Demo On A Girl!

Close-Up Demo On A Girl:

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